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Patient Testimonials

What Patients Say About D&M...

"Dr. Micucci and his staff are so friendly and caring. They always make you feel welcome and would do anything for you, so that you get better. The Doctor is very gentle with his adjustments and will always try to help if you're having a bad day or not feeling well. He convinced me to come in one day when I was having a bad headache and after the adjustment, I really did feel 100% better! I can't say enough good things about Dr. Marc and his staff. They are the best! I'm so glad I started treatment with him. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

- Christina Hartmann

"I had been experiencing neck and shoulder pain for over a year and had seen my family Doctor, two orthopedic specialists and a neurologist to try and diagnose the problem and try to determine what was wrong. Their solution was to prescribe Vicodin, muscle relaxants and other drugs. I was not comfortable with this approach because the medication only caused troubling side effects and masked the pain, but did nothing to eliminate it. In frustration, I decided to consult with D&M Chiropractic about my continuing pain. The doctors were confident that they could help me by correcting my vertebral subluxations, and after only a few adjustments it became apparent that my neck and shoulder pain had diminished significantly. My results with chiropractic care have been excellent. I no longer take any medications and have improved to the point that I am remarkably and gratefully pain free."

- Maribeth Twerdok

“I hit my head against the car door and later had neck pain and dizzy spells. Thanks to Dr. Micucci, he found that I had multiple misaligned neck bones! I had no idea! I credit him for helping these symptoms go away and feel much better. I can now do the things I couldn’t do before! Thanks again, Dr. Micucci.”

- Laura Ashworth

“I was rear ended in an auto accident and immediately I noticed something didn’t feel right with my low back and pelvis, even though I wore my seatbelt. I also had neck soreness, and bending, twisting, standing and lifting was a problem. That’s when I went to Dr. Micucci. He examined me and took x-rays only to find I had some structural damage sustained from the accident. He showed me on my x-rays how bad my condition was. Dr. Micucci told me that I would feel better after a few treatments. And that’s exactly what happened! Thanks, Dr. Micucci, for getting rid of my pain and helping me feel better. I was able to return to doing everything I wanted in only a few weeks. You’re the best!”

- Richard McQuillen

“I have had issues with my neck so I went to see a neurosurgeon. He told me that Dr. Micucci is the reason I don’t need surgery. Your treatments have really been a Godsend. My wife and I both try to maintain our necessary appointments in order to remain in the good shape we're in. Thanks to you, Dr. Marc.”

- Karl Kirschner

“When I first saw Dr. Marc, I couldn’t walk for over two weeks due to my injury. I was in excruciating pain. But with Dr. Marc, I felt relief after my first appointment. Originally I was scheduled to see a neurosurgeon, but I cancelled because Dr. Marc helped the pain go away. Thanks to Dr. Marc and regular treatments, I feel great! Dr. Marc is MY HERO!”

- Judy Kirschner

Your Goal is Our Goal: 100% Pain Relief

98% of our patients said in a recent survey that they were satisfied with their results and quality of care. In fact, hundreds of patients said we’ve made a difference in their lives and prevented unnecessary neck, back, hip and other surgeries.

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